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Hello TraWorld

Hello TraWorld

     When I started reading about stock markets I read a story about a guy who sold his company and invested half of the money in stock markets and with remaining half he started travelling around the world.He came back to his country after 5 years and found out  that he was much richer than the time he left his country.And what he did next will not blow your mind, he predictably repeated the same, started travelling again.

     After following stock market for some time I read the story of Jim Rogers . He wrote  investment biker and Adventure capitalist based on his road trip experiences. 

Both these books reveal how travelling broadens your perspective and will shape your world view sometimes in the way we least expect.

     These are the two stories that fascinated me most and the common themes in these two stories .. Travel .. Stocks. So I am planning to share my experiences on these two themes going forward .

     Apart from these two stories, two blogs that inspired me for travelling are (quick travel with defined itinerary  ) and (slow travel without a defined itinerary ).

     I will be sharing my travel stories as and when I have a story worth telling. LazeeTravel is an end in itself, rather than a means to some end , So my initial trips may be not as lazee as they are supposed to be but the idea is to eventually reach there. In a way LazeeTravel is  a journey from to

     Welcome to my Travel world , Hope you will enjoy travelling this place as much as your travel in real world.

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