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Why I Chose Travel Blogging

Why I chose Travel Blogging


Why Travel :

Before going into travel blogging first let me explain why the activity in travel sector is improving.

  • India’s per-capita GDP is growing steadily and people will be spending the incremental money earned largely on discretionary items, and travel will be certainly one of them as culturally travel is one of the main activity  Indians interested in .

Why Blogging:


Why Travel Blogging:

Compared to any other Genres  of  Blogging, Travel blogging has many advantages such as:

  • India is rich in places of interest to explore and the diversity of these landscapes  will ensure that the travel itself is interesting for the traveller as well as give the blog a rich and diverse content. We don’t need to worry that we may run out of topics to write or may be repeating similar experience over and over again.
  • In Travel blogging we can have diverse monetisation streams for the content created.Most of the blogs of other genre depend primarily on display ads , But for travel blogging,  we can have revenue streams like display ads, Writing articles to travel magazines , Brand endorsements with the products you associate,Social media promotions etc ,once you have the interesting content and audience.
  • Apart from the travel streams , we can create and monetise content related to photography as the travel and photography are mostly complementary activities .

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